Samira’s life was difficult from the beginning. Both of her parents were drug addicts. When they divorced, Samira and her two sisters lived with their mother, who was not only extremely abusive but also promiscuous, often bringing men into the home.

The situation became even worse when Samira’s older sister, after being raped by one of these men, committed suicide. To deal with the tragedy, Samira’s mother upped her drug consumption and started committing crimes to pay for her expensive habit.

When Samira was only 13, her mom was arrested and sent to jail. Without any protection, Samira was drugged and raped by one of her mom’s boyfriends. Though she was the innocent victim in this horrific incident, Samira hated herself for it. “I am an evil, dirty person, without any worth,” she thought.

Sisters in Critical Need

Trying to escape her unbearable situation, Samira ran away from home. Living in a cardboard box on the streets, by age 16, she too was a drug addict. To pay for her drugs she turned to prostitution, her sense of self-worth sinking to an even lower level.

Life was no better for Samira’s younger sister, who was abducted and forced into slavery by a family she had approached to help bail her mom out of jail. For two years, she was a prisoner in their house, a victim of servitude and frequent rape. To guarantee her compliance, the family gave her drugs, causing her to become addicted. Thankfully, after two years, she was able to escape this family and find refuge at her father’s house.

 A Desperate Act

After three years on the streets, Samira decided, “I am sick of my life,” and turned to a local group for help. The group helped her overcome her drug addiction. Now clean and sober, Samira moved in with her younger sister and father. Although Samira pleaded with her sister to also get help for her drug addition, she refused.

Soon after, Samira met and fell in love with a man. When she discovered that he was married, Samira reached the end of her rope and attempted suicide by a drug overdose. She was taken to the hospital and thank God, Samira survived. At her hospital bedside, her younger sister struck a deal with Samira. She agreed to get help for her drug addiction if Samira promised never to attempt suicide again.

God’s Intervention 

At this pivotal moment, God stepped in by bringing two GCM disciple makers into the sisters’ lives. They joined a Bible study led by the two women and subsequently decided to live sober lives.  

God rewarded Samira’s obedience to an addiction-free life. She obtained a good job at a company and was soon made manager over one of the company’s divisions. She continued to thrive and attend the Bible study—that is, until the man she had formerly been involved with came around again, calling and asking her to see him. At first, she refused, but then her resolve weakened.

A Relapse and the Disciple Makers’ Resolve

Samira started a relationship with the man again, resumed her drug habit, and quit going to the Bible study. And since her older sister didn’t go anymore, Samira’s sister also quit and took up drugs again.

After not seeing Samira for seven months, the two disciple makers felt God’s prompting to call her. According to one of the women, “We said that God had told us to call and see if she was okay. We assured her that God had come into her life and although right now she was denying Him, He still loved and wanted to help her.”

Samira agreed to see the women, one of whom admits, “I really wanted to be stern and correct her, to put her back on the journey. But God instructed me in my heart to show mercy. So I just listened to her.”

Samira then revealed that she had fallen back into addiction and the man she was seeing had abused her. She also said that on the day the disciple makers called to check up on her, she was preparing another suicide attempt. “But when you called,” Samira added, “I felt that God was coming to save me through your call.”

When one of the disciple makers asked her, “What do you want to do now?” Samira said, “I want to continue with the Bible study.” Now a committed student of the Bible, Samira’s relationship with God is restored, and her love for Him is growing stronger every day. In addition, her sister has returned to the study. They are attending together, maturing in their faith, maintaining their sobriety, and looking forward to the future.