Thirty-year-old Sahar grew up in an extremely poor Muslim family of eight. Her father, a drug addict, was unable to find work, and Sahar felt pressured, even from a young age, to work to help support the family.

The pressure only intensified when her family decided to demolish their home and build an apartment complex in its place. For this expensive project, they borrowed money from an individual at a high interest rate. But soon, they fell behind on payments. “I was very scared about our financial situation,” says Sahar. So she got a job at a local business.

“I was bringing in money and was happy to be helping my family. But it was not enough for them.”

In addition to her work at the business, her parents forced Sahar into a sexual relationship—for money—with the business’ manager.

“I was so upset that my life was like this, that for money I was selling my body. After a while, I just didn’t care anymore, and I let him do whatever he wanted to me because I needed the money for my family,” Sahar recalls.

Seeking an answer to her desperate situation, Sahar looked for friends but found none.

One day after work, while she was on the public bus going home, she was debating whether or not to go out with friends that evening. She thought to herself, “Why bother? What will change? How will another night out help?”

But then something miraculous happened. She overhead the conversation between two women sitting next to her. One of the women said, “The women at these gatherings are really loved by God, and I know God wants to show His love to them.”

“Hey wait,” Sahar thought. “I want to experience God’s love. In fact, I want to feel God hug me!” She then decided to attend the gathering, hoping that someone sent by God would be there to show her His love.

That evening, two GCM disciple makers at the gathering felt led by God to speak to Sahar. They got her phone number and called her the next day. Then they went to see her and introduce her to the real God. After that, Sahar started attending their Bible Study group to learn about God.

She felt God telling her, “You wanted to be hugged by Me. I sent these two people so that you can feel my love and know I am reaching out to hug you!”

Sahar is grateful that she went to that gathering, and for God’s leading her to the two GCM disciple makers. As she explores new stories from the Bible in her study group, she says, “I want to obey God and share everything I learn about Him.”

Sahar’s first act of obedience—and great courage—was to quit prostituting herself for money. Recently, she has invited three of her friends to join her Bible study group, and now she says, “I am hugging God every day!”