Although Parvez grew up in what he considers a “good family”, there was always something he felt was missing in his life; a relationship with God. Growing up, he struggled to worship Allah the way his parents taught him, and this made him feel guilty.

Parvez owns a local toy store in his city where one evening a customer came in striking up a conversation. Parvez quickly discovered that he and this man shared similar opinions and the conversation soon became spiritual.

Finally, we started talking about religion, and he told me about his personal, two-way relationship with God. I was astonished that someone could have such a relationship with God. When I asked him about that relationship he told me there were stories about God in the Bible that led him into this personal relationship.

Parvez asked this man if he could read these Bible stories to him and the man began to visit him at his store and read to him. After Parvez began reading the Bible he realized why he didn’t have a close relationship with God- he was worshipping the wrong God, Allah. Parvez began to believe in Jesus, the true God of the Bible, and entered into a personal relationship with Jesus. He was so excited, he began sharing the Bible with three of his closest friends, his wife, and his sister. He was deeply concerned for others that they too would experience a relationship with the true God.


As Parvez continued to read the stories in the Bible, one in particular made a lasting impact on him. It was the story about the importance of forgiveness. Desiring to obey God’s instruction to forgive others, he thought about his grandfather who had caused his family problems for many years. Even though his grandfather had long since passed away, he still hadn’t been able to forgive him for all the harm he had caused.

As I was reading the stories in the Bible, God spoke to me to forgive my grandfather. I decided to fully obey the voice of God without any excuses. I wanted to forgive him at his tomb, so I brought flowers and went to his grave, but I was unable to find it. There were so many tombs I began to think, ‘There God, see, I guess I do not have to forgive him after all.’ Right as I thought that, I saw my grandfather’s name on the tomb and I began to tremble. It felt as if it were judgement day!

In that moment, God calmed Parvez’s heart, and he was able to completely forgive his grandfather. It was as if all the hatred in his heart completely drained out of him and the most amazing feeling came over him- he knew it was because he obeyed the voice of the Lord leading him to forgive.