No one can reach Muslims more quickly and effectively than one who has been transformed by Christ, understands the culture, and knows the language. GCM’s unique ministry is carried out entirely by nationals and former Muslims—some of whom even were terrorists. All are passionate about bringing the Gospel to their fellow countrymen and do so at great personal cost and risk.

The Open Doors’ “World Watch List” ranks the most oppressive and persecuted countries in the world for followers of Jesus, which are the countries that GCM ministers in. Terrorism is sanctioned by local civil and/or religious authorities. For GCM leaders, danger is ever present. When they leave on daily evangelism outreaches, they face the possibility of never seeing their loved ones again.

a radical movement

Global Catalytic Ministries exists to transform Muslims worldwide through Jesus Christ, by means of evangelism, discipleship, church planting, leadership development, and compassion ministries. Terrorism, totalitarian governments, the rise of radical Islam, and social upheavals have created an unparalleled window of opportunity to reach millions of despairing nonbelievers with the Gospel. GCM is seizing this moment to proclaim the message of Christ to Muslims without hope—



We are witnessing the Book of Acts in our day. Ten years ago, Global Catalytic Ministries’ core strategy helped spark an underground Christian movement in one of the world’s leading terrorist countries. And that movement is ablaze today! The GCM network is expanding God’s Kingdom in and around the restricted and hostile nations of the Middle East by conducting our DMM method.


As individuals are transformed and love their neighbors, they move from being part of the problem to being part of the solution. The foundation is laid for lasting transformation in families and communities. Here are our 3 near and long-term goals:

BY 2020

BY 2028


GCM will have 1000 house churches throughout the Middle East.

GCM will globally have planted 10,000 self-replicating house churches.

GCM will have planted 1 million self-replicating churches.


God has been preparing the hearts of Muslims to be receptive to the Prince of Peace, and He is blessing GCM’s ministry with abundant fruit. In 2018 alone, GCM teams conducted purposeful conversations with more than 5,000 Muslims—engaging an average of 438 Muslims each month. In that same period, GCM baptized 55 new believers and planted 12 new underground churches.

In one restricted-access country alone, God has brought to Himself more than 4,000 Christians throughout 90 cities. They gather for worship and in-depth Bible studies in almost 500 underground house churches. This country is playing a unique role in God’s plan of salvation, and GCM sees it as a sending nation that, within a few years, will make a profound impact for Christ throughout the entire region. GCM’s core strategy is so effective that GCM now trains other missionary groups, including over 150 leaders from nine nations in 2018.

What is it like to live and serve in a restricted-access nation?