Like thousands of persecuted former Muslims who have turned to Christ, Nazanin lives in a country closed to the Gospel.

“I found, and received, God’s love—the fatherly love I had been searching for.”  

Nazanin couldn’t endure the pain in her life anymore. From a young age, she suffered deep hurts—from a mother who left the family and completely rejected her to a physically abusive brother to the death of her father, the one person she loved and depended on.

Eventually finding herself hopeless and homeless, Nazanin turned to a life of prostitution and drug addiction. She even tried setting herself on fire, but was rescued by firefighters from this desperate suicide attempt. “I had burned my body, but what burned more was my heart because I wasn’t dead,” she recalls.

But God had other plans for Nazanin. One day, she met two GCM disciple makers. She became friends with these two caring women, to whom she poured out her story and heart. “Then these girls started talking to me about Jesus and about how He could give me peace. The things they were saying were amazing—I felt that God was talking to me through them.”  

She continues, “That night I went home, and I said to God, ‘Tonight I want you to hug me.’ At that moment, I felt love in the room, and I was terrified. I knew it was God. I felt His presence so powerfully that my knees automatically bent, and I was kneeling in front of Him. I told Him, ‘Please do not leave me alone.’ Then I started to read more about God and knew that I would be saved because God wanted to save me from the death that I was experiencing in this life.”

Today, at age 32, Nazanin is a devoted follower of Christ, growing in her faith every day. “I now thank God for everything that has happened in my life, even the bad things, because I have found my King and I am His queen. From the day I found Jesus and put my life in His hands, I have been a disciple, and I have decided to make disciples of the women I meet.”