OUR Core Strategy

Disciple-making movements (DMM) is our core strategy for evangelism and discipleship in the Middle East. GCM’s disciple-making ministry is rooted in sound, evangelical doctrine and obedience to Christ. The methodology goes beyond bringing people to Jesus and bears lasting fruit. Based on Christ’s instructions in Matthew 10, GCM’s approach is scriptural, relational, and in-depth. It leads to bringing people to Christ, then to multiplying disciples who are eager to share the Gospel within their spheres of influence. The GCM strategy can be summarized as love God, love your neighbor, and go make disciples who obey. The synergy of individuals extending this process through their natural networks brings an ever-increasing spiral of transformation within families and communities.
Following God’s leading, GCM teams initiate conversations with men and women in parks, coffee shops, markets, on trains, etc. The teams focus on finding “persons of peace”—people who are open to spiritual answers to their problems, hospitable, and eager to influence others. The first Discovery Bible Study (DBS) group ideally is formed among the friends and family members of the Person of Peace. The purpose of this group is for spiritually open
people to discover together God’s will revealed in the Bible, and to help each other to
immediately obey what God commands us to do.

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GCM leaders and pastors share a series of stories, Scripture passages they have memorized, so no one is caught with a Bible in public. These stories explain the full scope of God’s plan for salvation, from creation to the cross and resurrection. Once people come to Christ, they are invited to an underground gathering in a private home to worship, fellowship, and study the Bible in-depth. Believers are discipled to more deeply understand biblical truth, live a Christ-transformed life, overcome persecution, safely reach others with the Good News, and form small underground church groups.



Core disciple makers train, coach, and mentor volunteer disciple makers and church workers to launch and sustain ever-expanding chain reactions of disciple-making disciples who transform their communities and go out into other communities to repeat the process without dependence on outside elements. As a security measure against aggressive persecution of Christians, each core disciple maker directs the ministry of a group of volunteer disciple makers in his/her network. Members of each network are unknown to the others, and each core disciple maker
relates to only one pastor in the founding CEO’s inner circle. This “silo” structure helps protect all GCM disciple makers should anyone in the network be arrested.


1. Community Outreach: Identify target communities by discovering an unmet need that can be addressed, as a way to gain legitimate access to share God’s Word
among Muslims.
2. Prayer Mobilization: Enlist a number of intercessors to undergird every aspect of the evangelism/disciple-making/church-planting process.
3. Training and Coaching: Conduct ongoing disciple-making training and coaching within local communities, to recruit and equip a continual and ever-expanding
stream of self- replicating disciples.
4. Mentoring: Mentor national volunteer disciple makers throughout their own network to encourage, prevent, or correct doctrinal drift, upgrade the skills of
network disciple makers, enable and sustain the momentum of reproduction, and ensure that those on the outer reaches of the far-flung movement feel they are part of a greater team.
5. Compassion Ministry: Carry out acts of service to meet significant human needs as a tangible expression of God’s care and concern for hurting people, and as a
means of identifying “Persons of Peace” within communities.

6. Leadership Development: Grow and nurture a never-ending stream of nonprofessional volunteer disciple makers by training, coaching, and mentoring
them “on-the-job” and in their natural setting.
7. Reporting and Documentation: Collect, compile, and regularly report comprehensive and accurate field data (successes and failures) in order to verify results, inform and coach on course corrections, shape future strategies, and celebrate what God has done.
8. Resource Provision: Equip volunteer disciple makers with Scriptures in heart languages, cell phones, and materials needed for discipling and compassion
ministries to support them in effective disciple making and fruitful church planting.
9. Partnership Formation: Develops partnerships with like-minded international ministries and organizations to multiply the overall DMM impact by leveraging
existing people, resources, relationships, and networks.


A “movement” is something that can ripple from generation to generation; to succeed, it cannot be complicated. DBS is the engine that drives DMM, which can turn into a movement. The DMM process leads ordinary As the Holy Spirit leads, GCM’s ultimate objective is to catalyze indigenous DMM movements of seven generations of self-replicating and self-sustaining churches inside Muslim nations of the Middle East. Check out our specific short-term and long-term goals.