I was born into a strict Muslim family and I, like my family, thought Allah was the only God. But I never had inner peace or joy from our religious practices. Ever since I was young, I was thirsty to know the truth about God, and I asked many questions. But since no one had compelling answers to my questions, I decided to forget about Him.

A few months ago, I was coming home from work, exhausted and disappointed with life. A lady was standing beside me on the subway and she started talking to me. She said, “I can see you are hungry and thirsty for God—and you will be satisfied.” Then we began to meet regularly, and she told me stories about the true God.

Because of that, now I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord, and my life and personality have been completely transformed!

Now my mother, aunt, two of my cousins, and my sister are also reading stories about God from the Bible.