I was born into an ordinary Muslim family. When I was young, I was forced into marriage by my family. My husband had a bad temper and was a drug addict. He beat me often. So after several years, I divorced him.

In my family, being divorced is a taboo. Therefore, I was made a virtual prisoner in my home by my four zealous brothers. They imposed many restrictions on me. I wasn’t even allowed out of the house. But little by little, I persuaded them to let me get a job.

At my workplace, I met a kind lady who told me about the true God, who had changed her entire life. I was quite interested in what she had to say because for years I was depressed and felt a deep sense of shame. My family always told me, “If you had been good, your husband wouldn’t have gotten addicted to drugs.”

After I believed in Jesus Christ, the feeling of shame went away, and I received the love of God more than ever!

I am so happy that God has saved me. I forgave my former husband for his abuse, and I have a better relationship with my father. I am not depressed anymore and, miraculously, my family is treating me better than ever.