turn to god, and nothing else

Growing up on a farm, Javed described his life as “peaceful.” He especially loved and respected his father, who shared with him these words of wisdom: “God is the owner of the world, and He is the one who blesses our land and crops. Always have integrity and turn to Him, and nothing else, for what you desire.” Although a Muslim and referring to Allah in his instruction, Javed’s father had tapped into important biblical truths that made lifelong impressions on his son. “I always wanted to have integrity,” said Javed, “and I always talked to God and wanted a close relationship with him.” However, life began to unravel when Javed’s beloved father died.

After inheriting the family farm, a long-term drought put it in jeopardy. As a result, Javed was forced to sell a portion of the land to buy a taxi and become a taxi driver in a large city far from his family. At 45 years of age and away from his family and everything he knew, Javed soon became depressed.

“God is the owner of the world, and He is the one who blesses our land and crops. Always have integrity and turn to Him, and nothing else, for what you desire.”

Even after a year in the city, Javed woke up every day in tears, thinking about the wonderful life he used to have in his village. He desperately missed the beautiful days he had shared with his father. To cope with his loneliness and depression, Javed began to drink alcohol and use drugs, soon becoming an addict. Consequently, his life and personality drastically changed. Nothing meant anything to him anymore.

Then one night, his father's words came back to Javed: “Turn to God, and nothing else, for what you desire.” Suddenly, Javed realized he had turned to drugs and alcohol rather than trusting in God. He began to ask for God’s forgiveness and prayed, “Forgive me for being addicted to drugs and not to you! Please change my life.” The next day, the true God of the Bible answered Javed’s prayers.

God told us to come see you.

While Javed and a fellow taxi driver were drinking tea at a street café, two people came up and asked to join them. Javed warmly invited them to sit down. During their conversation, Javed revealed the depressing details of his life. In response, the two visitors said that in many ways their lives were the same. “But God changed our whole lives,” they added.

Stunned by the visitors' words, Javed realized his prayers from the night before had been answered! “God has sent the two of you for me,” he boldly stated. They responded, “Yes, God told us to come see you." They gave Javed a book about God, and said if he read it with them, it would change his life. Javed began to cry and said, “Yes, I want to read this book!"


Joining a Bible study led by the two visitors, Javed learned that God created the heavens and the earth clean and pure. When the Lord prompted him to live a clean and pure life, Javed decided to obey. He stopped using drugs and alcohol. Immediately, God healed him of his addictions and depression. Javed had found the true God! "I believe with all my heart that God had been looking after me," Javed said, "But I was running away from Him as He was running toward me.”

Now, Javed believes God has called him to make disciples in the world, so he is a devoted disciple maker. Just like a farmer who puts a seed in the ground, the Lord wants Javed to put the seed of salvation in people’s hearts!

God is working powerfully in the Muslim world, daily turning many hearts to Himself!

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