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I have been serving in Afghanistan for many years, and even though it’s been only one year that we have been implementing the Disciple Making Movement strategy, I’m seeing great fruit because of it—the most I have ever seen in all the years I have been ministering.


My heart is becoming more and more open to going to even more dangerous places in Afghanistan and tell the great new news of the gospel to different tribes that need to hear it. One of the people groups that I have wanted to go to is the Taliban.


The Taliban people are completely different. Their culture, the way they work and live is different from any other people in the world.  They have nothing—not even electricity in most places. Some of the more radical Taliban think that electricity is evil, and even if they had it, in the areas where they live, power is sporadic. They also believe that women should not learn how to read. And it’s a crime if you teach women how to read. They have other rules, too, that are very different from the rest of the world, and it’s very difficult for outsiders to infiltrate these people and become friends with them.  


But by the grace and favor of God that was on me, I befriended one of the Taliban. Then I started talking to him about God, and I demonstrated the gospel, showing him through my actions that I am different.


This man became very interested in the God I believe in, and he invited me into his tribe and village.  When I was about to go, I said goodbye to my wife and I repented and was sure in my heart that I was ready to go to heaven, because I knew that anything I said might make them angry. They could kill me and cut off my head if I did anything against their rules. So when I went to the village, I was in constant prayer that Jesus would be with me.


When I met with the man’s Taliban friends, God used me very powerfully, and their hearts became warm and soft to the message I had. A lot of his friends said, “I want to know more about what you are saying and about this God.” They even agreed with some of the things I was saying!


Then they gave me permission to help their daughters learn how to read and write. So I gat them pens and pencils and paper. The men were very happy that I was helping their daughters learn how to read and write.


Next, the men asked me to return to the village to teach their daughters math. This was a big miracle, and I know it is from Jesus, because if someone even talks about teaching women, they are killed. But these few families said it was all right.


This week I am returning to the village, and by the grace of God I can become more and more influential. I am going to start the Bible story set with them very soon, and in the name of Jesus, they will all come to Him!



I have always prayed that God would work in the hospital in the city where I live. I have a huge heart for this hospital and was praying that God would use me to bring spiritual healing there.  He did so through a Woman of Peace I was working with who was on story #10 of the Bible story set.


One evening, when the lady was working at her house, she broke her hand, and she asked me to take her to the hospital. There, they said that she had broken all the bones in her hand, but because it was after hours, there were no doctors there. They took an X-ray of her hand and instructed us to return the next day.


So I began to pray that God would heal her hand, even though it was severely broken in many places. I put my hand on her hand, and we stayed that way until the next day.


The next morning, we went back to the hospital where a doctor decided to take another X-ray of her hand. He thought that he might have to do surgery since the first X-ray indicated she had broken so many bones.


When he looked at the second X-ray, he was astonished.  Jesus had healed her hand overnight, and there was no evidence of any damage—her hand was perfect.  The doctor asked, “How is this possible?  Is this first X-ray even yours? There is nothing that shows her hand has ever been broken, and this hand is perfectly healthy.”


Then I started telling the doctor about God, about how He loves people and wants to heal them, and also that He is a God of miracles. The doctor said, “I want to hear more.” So I started sharing the Bible story set with him.


I have faith that very soon the whole hospital will come to faith.