Fariba was born into a large, close knit family. She thought nothing could destroy this closeness, but things changed after she was married. Fariba’s husband was always bitter and closed, and he didn’t get along well with others or with her.

As a result, this emotional separation made her family weak and they could never be close. Little by little, love left their house.

Although desperate for love and peace, they could not be found with her husband. Her married life was bitter every day. Years passed like this. Even small problems would go without resolution and affect their lives for a long time. Fariba’s only request was that God give her family forgiveness for all the past hurts and help them live together in peace. She asked Him to show her His will for their lives.

And true to God, Fariba got what she asked for the day her daughter brought home stories about God. They began reading the stories together. In just a few weeks, they had learned to talk to God directly! They were amazed as they watched how God was coming into their lives. And with God coming more and more, Fariba was receiving and feeling forgiveness in her soul.

In the stories about God, He revealed to Fariba who their main supporter is—it became so evident to her. When she read the story about Jesus, she didn’t have any doubts and immediately believed in Him. After 26 years of being unhappy in her marriage, Fariba now experiences love and peace from God.